Monday, November 14, 2011

What Genre Do You Write?

Writing is about finding yourself. You don’t write because of the trend. You write what you know and what you care about. I started writing poetry and essays but never realized I could write a whole book. I then ventured into children’s books, but felt that there was something missing and I knew I had a higher calling. Being a hopeless romantic who was drawn to women’s issues was close to my heart. Writing novels involving love and women came natural to me, which is why I chose to write Romance and Women’s fiction. What is your favorite genre? 


  1. I love to read all genres, but can't write in all them:) I love writing cozy mystery and women's fiction. Since I'm self-published, I sometimes cross the two genres and it seems to be working!

  2. I started out writing romance, then went to mystery where I was published. I still write mystery, but I'm crossing genres with my upcoming title about a time-travling witch. It's urban fantasy, YA, mystery, chic lit all rolled into one, according to my editor.

  3. Thanks Tonya and Cindy for sharing information about the genre you write.I admire you both for exploring different genres.