Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Celebration of Blogging

I only started blogging three months ago and I'm truly blessed to have been awarded The Versatile Blogger Award by wonderful author, Cindy Keen Reynders who writes interesting articles on her blog, Thank you so much, Cindy.

The rules of receiving The Versatile Blogger Award is that you thank the person who gave it to you and share seven facts about yourself, then pass the award to fifteen other bloggers if you can.

1. I love traveling, watching movies and curling up with a good book.
2. I love chocolate. :-)
3. I love dogs and sometimes believe that dogs are nicer than humans. ;-)
4. I believe in helping others and offering kindness.
5. I love all kinds of challenges and continue to push myself to the top.
6. I'm proactive and not reactive.
7. I never procrastinate and believe in doing things today.
8. I don't waste my time sweating the small stuff.
9. I believe that love is the most powerful gift God has given us.
10. I always try to be positive.

I am passing the Versatile Blogger Award to the following bloggers:

1. Richard Scott of Uphill Writing who talks about the craft of writing. Rik has entertained me with his quotes and Word of the Day.

2. Andrea Buginski of Andi's Realm invites a diverse group of authors to guest on her blog and each time I look for a new book to read, I can rely on her blog to check out new authors.

3. Stacy Eaton of Stacy Eaton Author is very creative when it comes to interviewing authors. She also writes articles from the character's point of view which is a perfect way to get acquainted with her characters.

4. Rob Guthrie of  Rob on Writing not only writes about the craft of writing, but he believes in giving back to others. He has a campaign called Read a Book and Make a Difference.

5. Mary Ellen Quigley of Mary Ellen's Musings offers good tips on how to be a better writer which I have found to be very helpful.

6. Christine Cunningham of Mungoi Sis Christine who has proven to be very helpful and supportive to writes. Christine invites authors to do a guest post on her blog.

7. Elizabeth West of E.A.West Writing offers valuable information on marketing and promoting your books.

8. Bonnie Trachtenberg provides interesting articles about promoting, writing and relationships.

9. Kaira Rouda  offers helpful tips for women, writers and anything under the sun.

10. Emerald Barnes  features a diverse group of authors on her blog. She also discusses about the craft of writing.

11. Karen Baney offers valuable tips about promoting and marketing your books. She also talks about the craft of writing.

12. Shilpa Mudiganti of Dreams Galore offers a variety of information on her blog about the craft of writing. She also does book reviews, and author interviews.

13.  Shirley Wine offers essential information every writer needs to know about editing and how to be a better writer.

14. Sarah of Workaday Reads is one of the book reviewers I trust. Her blog offers detailed reviews about the latest books, giveaways, and exciting events. Sarah is always up to date with the latest books and she knows how to connect with authors and readers.

15. Lindsay Jones of Just Another Book Addict is also one of my favorite reviewers. Her site is so colorful and this lady is very dynamic when it comes to conducting book reviews. She loves reading and her reviews are very genuine and heartfelt.

Thanks again to Cindy for my award.


  1. Geraldine
    Thank you for the compliment.
    My aim is to give helpful tips on the craft of writing, in plain English readily understood.

    There is a lot of advice out there but, oh dear, some of it is so technical you need a degree in advanced English to understand it. Especially when you get into the technicalities of grammar.

    One quote I read (long since forgotten who wrote it) A true writer is one who can convey their message in simple and unambiguous language.

    A long time ago, when I was up to my eyebrows in mud, cows and calves and children I was craving intellectual stimulation like you wouldn't believe.
    I bought a book I could ill afford at the time, and which shall remain nameless. It had received rave reviews and was hailed as a literary masterpiece.

    Now that erudite definition would send me running in the other direction.

    I am no slug with words but I found myself reverting to my dictionary so often I gave up and read the dictionary...there, at least, if I came across a word I didn't know some kindly person had provided a convenient definition!

    That book taught me a lesson I've never forgotten. To be read and enjoyed, a book must first be readable.

  2. Hello Geraldine,

    Thank you so much for the award. I am honored to be mentioned here on your blog as versatile. I think I am anything but that. I haven't been much active in the past few weeks owing to a lot of reasons but the fact that you still feel my blog was worthy of mention is motivating. I enjoy your blog and I hope to pass on this award to others soon!

  3. Thank you so much for including me, Geraldine. I am honored and proud to be a part of this wonderful group.

  4. You're welcome, guys! Thank you for entertaining me with your blogs. More power and success to all of you.