Wednesday, October 26, 2011

If You Were Given An All-Expense Vacation to Write Your Novel, Where Would You Go?

I would love to write in an island with pristine waters, clear-blue skies and sugary sand, so probably Fiji, Maldives or the Bahamas. How about you?


  1. What a great question! I would go to Ireland to write. I read a Nora Roberts novel where the main character did just that. If my publisher said choose a place to write your novel in and we'll foot the bill, it would be a cottage in a small village in Ireland. I would pack my bags tonight.

  2. It will be a cottage at Switzerland. For sure. Amongst the divine, green surroundings!

  3. I would go where my novel is set. Hi Ger!

  4. Same as Mieke: I'd go where my novel is set.

    That means I'd be road tripping across the US (but I might spend a bit longer in San Diego, since I miss beaches and salt water).

  5. @Kate, I would also love to go to Ireland. It's on my list of places to visit.
    @Shilpa, I visited Switzerland fifteen years ago and it's so beautiful. Like you said, full of greenery and houses filled with character. I found it to be very expensive though.
    @Mieke, so nice of you to pass by. Definitely good to go where your novel is set.
    @Nascentnovelist, nothing beats that first-hand experience. I love San Diego. They have the best weather in the country.
    Reading all your posts makes me want to hop on a plane and go on a vacation. I really need one now. It's tough balancing family, a full-time job, writing, promoting, blogging, speaking and organizing events. I wish I could just write and not worry about promoting, but that wouldn't be realistic. Thanks for sharing!

  6. First, GREAT QUESTION. Love it. Your choice, @Geraldine, is an excellent one, and I would not complain if forced to accept it as my own destination. However, Scotland is a place I want to be one day, and I have no doubt the countryside there would infuse me with words. : )

  7. Gosh, what a fun question. I don't know. I think I'd be happy to just be able to write where I am!

  8. A cabin in the woods next to a babbling brook and small lake....ahh....

  9. @Julia, Paris is definitely on my list of places to visit. It's the most romantic place in the world.
    @Rob,looks like my question has received a lot of engaging comments and I get excited reading what people have to say. My son would love to visit Scotland, he wants to prove that the Lochness monster is real. LOL!
    @Diana, thanks. Really fun! I enjoy reading the comments. You learn a lot about people's choices and preference. Thanks for sharing.
    @Tonya, that sounds very romantic and peaceful with no distractions. I would love to write in a place like that. Thanks for sharing!