Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What's The Best Investment for a New Writer

The best investment I’ve ever made was to hire a developmental editor. A developmental editor is very different from a copyeditor. A developmental editor looks at the bigger issues of your manuscript. She inspects if you follow the correct structure, if your characters are well-developed, POV, dialogue, voice, pacing and plot. It’s very difficult to be objective with your own story and a developmental editor will dissect your novel and see what works. A developmental editor can bring your novel within publishing standards and it's important to find one with good credentials. I've made the habit of hiring an editor for all my books.


  1. You're so lucky, Dan! What a perfect relationship. :-)

  2. Actually, she keeps telling me I need to go a different direction. I think she means in my writing and not in the relationship. I'll have to ponder that.