Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How Do You Choose a Catchy Title for Your Novel?

When choosing a title, I always think of a symbol. I chose to name my novel Love Letters because the letters were the symbol of a love that was lost but not forgotten. The powerful love was revived by reading the letters. I chose Chocolicious to be the title of my novel because chocolate led my heroine to pick up the pieces from her shattered life and help her find herself. Titles are meant to hook your readers and should have a deeper meaning behind the book. 


  1. Weird enough, titles just come. Sometimes, the title is already there before the story is even written. Then there are times when the title comes in the middle of the writing process. And often than not, the titles come after the story is said and done.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Kate! That means you're very connected to your story.