Monday, December 5, 2011

Promotions vs. Connecting with Your Readers

I'd like to welcome author, Wendy Young on my blog today where she will be discussing her experience about connecting with her readers. She is the author of Come to the Shadows and Red Sky Warning.

As a new author I have so much to learn, especially in the area of marketing – ie: finding readers and convincing them that I have something they will enjoy.
The first solution that pops into most author heads is: PROMOTION. I’ll do ads. They’ll find readers. I need to pay money for PR and I’ll be set.

Or, will I?

Ads may bring you short-term gains but there’s a good chance you won’t even make your money back, much less build your brand if, well, you have no brand to back up the hype.
In comes a scarier and more personal approach: Connect with readers.

Be it meet’n’greets, author appearances and book signings, book clubs or the virtual equivalent meeting of the minds on Twitter, Goodreads, or via Blog Tours, a sure-fire way to build true fans is to go to them and offer an introduction. Humanize the work in your own words, with your own face, and you will see your fan base develop.

What has worked best for you? Do you rely on promotion? Or do you focus on connecting with readers?
Wendy L. Young has been writing for more than twenty years and now focuses on writing mystery/suspense novels with a healthy dose of thrills. Connect with her on Twitter @wendyyoung and pick up her new release Red Sky Warning, and her debut novel, Come the Shadows, anywhere eBooks are sold.

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  1. Hi, Wendy! I think it is based on the author's PR Personality to depend on what works for them. Myself, I love to connect with my readers. I do a lot of give-aways, meet them for coffee or lunch at book signings or conferences, I connect with them on twitter and facebook. I have the second edition of my non-fiction novel, The Tricked Out Toolbox~Marketing and Promotional Tools Every Writer Needs coming out in the early Spring. The book takes the writer from the moment they decide they want to write until they end their writing career. Plus I cover everything from free to paid. It's amazing what is out there and what works.

  2. Great points, Tonya!